Evolution Model

You want to organize your garden accessories elegantly but have limited space to do it? Evolution is the solution for you!

Mini Garage

The mini garage is a must for anyone who wants to have more storage capacity while minimizing the space required for installation. The small garage door is ideal for motorized equipment enthusiasts!

Legend Model

An elegant model that leaves room for imagination in terms of possible material layouts! A choice to consider when you want to recall elements of the main home on your shed!

Heritage Model

First designed to maximize the storage space and the doors opening space, the Heritage model evolved over time to add a touch of modernity and thus, beautify your yard!

Commercial Model

Originally designed specifically at the request of a customer, this model has distinguished itself by its charm and robustness, but above all, by its usefulness as a small point of sale! Its success has allowed us to produce many copies since its first conception!

Mansarde Model

Ask technologists to draw a barn suitable for the 21st century, you will get the Mansarde! Ideal model to allow storage of large volume under a charming structure! The possible finish of the second floor allows you to increase the available space.